Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lacers Meeting

This afternoon I attended the London Lacers meeting. We had six ladies and the hostess. One lady was using 85 pairs of weighted bobbins on her pillow to make a fan, one lady was shuttle tatting, another was using a Tambour-lace technique with African beads, another lady was needle tatting a Celtic Maple Leaf with pattern by Ruth Perry and the other two of us were learning the 'Cloth Stitch' on the learner's pillow with six pairs of continental bobbins. After my turn on the learner's pillow, I finished needle tatting my blue medallion in Altin Basak #50.

When I arrived home, I finished my medallion in worsted weight yarn that I had started the day my wool tatting needles arrived in the mail. These two medallions are motifs #14 and #15.


TattingChic said...

Thank you for sharing the lacers meeting photos! It looks like a wonderful gathering.

Rose Anne B said...

OMGG Margaret I truly do not know how you keep those bobbins from being a ROYAL mess??? LOVELY!!!