Sunday, February 17, 2008

My first Motifs

Since this blog is essentially to keep track of my progress in the 25-motif challenge, I am going to try to add photos of the other motifs for which I have pictures available. The dove and butterfly were from the first lesson I took in the online beginners class (first session -- I have taken three sessions of the same set of lessons) and the snowman is the second one I made which I used as the tatting in the Secret Santa Tatting Exchange I was involved in this past Christmas through the Fringe Element Tatters.

First Tatted Heart Finished

I actually finished this heart a couple of weeks ago. Now that I know how to do a lock join and a shoe lace trick (SLT), I can make this pattern and pay my own 'fee' into the Fringe Element Tatters Guild. The yearly admission fee is one tatted heart which a 'tatting buddy' made for me this year as I had too few skills to manage the task.

I waited to work in the ends before I blogged but finally decided to post before the ends were hidden. I plan to sew on a pinback and give this as a gift.