Friday, July 25, 2008


My computer completley died over a week ago even though it is only one and a half years old. The tower will not even turn on.

I thoroughly enjoyed packaging the parcel for the Christmas-in-July exchange in which I participated through the yahoo group, Here-Be-Tatters. I hope my recipient enjoys opening it as much.

The post office said it might take a while to reach its destination.

Monday, July 14, 2008

International Round Robin Complete

Today when I checked the mail, the package from Wales had arrived with all my Christmas ornaments. There are four of us in this beginners' round robin. Joy from Pennsylvania, Aileen from Singapore, Bob from Wales, and I am from London, Ontario, Canada. The pictures are shown in this order. I thoroughly enjoyed participating in this, my first round robin. Aileen graciously accepted the position of supervising our little foursome. Other than problems with the postal system, it worked out very well. I am glad that I tried something new.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

'Ring Stitch'

When I was at the lacers' guild meeting this afternoon, I was working with one of the other women there who were tatting. She showed me that she starts each ring with a 'ring stitch' - an extra stitch at the beginning of the ring. From what I understood, she does this to 'open' the ring.

Does anyone else use this technique and if so, can you please explain it further to me. As I was so intent on my own project, I didn't ask to look at her work to see what effect an extra ds in each ring would have.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Motif # 11

Since Aileen has now received her package of 'critters', I can blog about the additional tatting I did for her. When I received her package, there were two different tatted cats in it. So I decided that I would tat each of them a mouse to chase. As the only pattern that I could find was for needletatting, Rita Cochrane translated it for me, and this is what resulted. I had to substitute what I had for the required beads for the noses and since my eyes were the wrong size, I went to my felt material stash and made some.