Sunday, November 9, 2008

Catching Up

I believe when I stopped blogging in July, I had completed 14 motifs in my 25-motif challenge that was started sometime in October of last year. The two pair of earrings, the butterfly and the dove for the Christmas-in-July exchange, I am counting as four motifs.

I have also tatted four yellow butterflies from Altin Basak #50 thread, a shamrock from Altin Basak #50 green thread and a needle tatted heart at the Cambridge Tat Days when I was learning to needle tat(I do not have a picture).

On a train ride, I tatted a 'bouquet of flowers' for the lady who was my seatmate -- without a pattern, from yellow Altin Basak #50 thread as that was what was on the shuttle that was with me at the time. This then, I consider to be my first official 'design'. As I did not have my camera with me, I have no record of it.

In learning to needle tat, I have completed a blue butterfly in Altin Basak #50 and a red crochet cotton #10 medallion. In learning needle tatting, I have also made a couple of in-progress projects.

So now, I am considering that I have finished the 25-motif challenge.

Finally Back

It is almost four months since I have posted. Much going on. Have only a short time now to blog. I attended the "Fall into Tatting" Tat Days in Cambridge, Ontario, CANADA on the last weekend in September where I met some wonderful people and learned how to needle tat. It is much faster.

Today I will post the pictures of the tatting that I mailed in my parcel for my recipient in the Christmas-in-July tatting exchange in the Yahoo Group, Here-Be-Tatters. Due to complicated mitigating circumstances, I was only able to finish tatting two pairs of earrings, one butterfly and one dove to mail as my tatting component in the package.