Friday, January 23, 2009

Hearts Completed and Appreciated

I needle tatted the heart from Sharon Briggs' book,"Transitions in Tatting, From Flat to Floral" on pages 15 - 16 and this will be motif #2. This heart is the top photo.

My girlfriend is hosting a 75th birthday party for her mother this Sunday. Using the pattern by Ruth Perry from our nametags at the Cambridge (ON) tat day last September, I needle tatted 50 hearts for party favours. Since this was all one pattern, and a relatively simple one, I am considering every 5 hearts as one motif, thus giving me 10 more motifs.

In addition, I tatted three of these hearts and made a type of bouquet with them for her mother. So this will be motif #13.

I started these hearts on Saturday, January 10 and was finished the tatting by Sunday night, January 18. When I delivered them yesterday morning, my girlfriend was extremely pleased and greatly appreciated them and my effort.

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TattingChic said...

Wow! You have been busy!